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Finding my ZEN

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Multiple Sclerosis/Stress, Multiple Sclerosis/Stress, Multiple Sclerosis/Stress – 3 words that seem to just “fit” together without question.  How many times have we all been stressed out or landed in the hospital and the doc looks at you and says “you have to learn to relax and not get stressed out” or my personal favourite, “I understand that you can’t see and you’re off work for 3 months but try and stay calm and not get stressed out” …. interesting statement?! (more…)

How it All Began

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Though I have written several blog articles and it is known that MS is an adversary of mine, how it all began still remains a mystery. Today I will shed light on this mystery. As I often reference comic book heroes, I will unmask my secret for you.

It started when I was 19 and it started out simple enough. It was a numb patch on my upper left thigh. Then the unyielding pain in my feet started, the numbness progressed all the way down my left leg. (more…)

Life is what happens

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“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” -John Lennon

In 1977, at the age of 19 Canadian hero, Terry Fox was diagnosed with a malignant tumour that resulted in an above the knee amputation of his right leg. As we Canadians all know, that experience fuelled his desire to help others battling the disease. By finding the courage to live his dream, he inspired a nation to lace up their running shoes and fight back against a cancer. While cancer ultimately took his life, he never allowed it to steal his spirit. Cancer was not Terry’s plan A, but his Plan B became a spectacular legacy, that has grown and thrived over the last 30 years, helping millions affected by the disease. (more…)

On the flip side

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Life in my household has been chaotic as of lately. My mom (or mama as I loving refer to her) recently underwent major surgery. My aunt from Alberta flew out to be here while she was in the hospital and for the first few days she was home. Now that my aunt has flown home, during the day it is typically just me and my mama. Everyone else is currently working full-time. After all the years of mama taking care of me, I gladly get to return the favour. (more…)

My Boys

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When you’re diagnosed with something like Multiple Sclerosis you start realizing things such as; health, what’s really important to you, life and most importantly who your friends are. When I was diagnosed (don’t tell my boys :P) but they helped alot, more then they know.

If you read my other blogs you would know there was a point where I couldn’t walk, my boys were there for me since day one!! They helped me get up, visited me in the hospital, and came over to my house on weekends when I was home from rehab or doctor appointments. (more…)

Sitting in the Waiting Room

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I’m sitting in the corner of the waiting room at the MS clinic. Waiting for my name to be called. Every few minutes a couple walks in together looking very sad. I’ve been doing this for 12 years now and I still haven’t gotten used to it.  I don’t like to talk to people when I’m waiting for my name to be called. I hope I’m not coming off as rude, I just don’t really know how to act around other people with MS in the MS waiting room.  (more…)